Which Mobile Phone Apps Can You Use For Graphic Design

So you are considering using your smartphone for graphic design probably because you don’t have a computer right now or just as a backup device for when you’re on the go. If you have ever embarked on the search to find apps to use in making graphics you would discover that it is actually very difficult to find decent and professional apps especially on Android. For a couple of years now I’ve been trying out different apps to see how far I can go with creating good graphics on a smartphone and I was fortunate enough to come across some apps that actually can be used to create designs from scratch without using templates. I will be sharing such apps with you on this post, hopefully to help ease your search. I plan on updating this list from time to time as I discover new apps, so save the page and revisit any time. All these apps can be used together to have a complete workflow. Here we go:

PixelLab: first on the list and one of my favourite graphic design apps on playstore is PixelLab. This app has a lot of functionality and can be used to create different kinds of graphics. There is a good number of tutorials on how to use the app on YouTube so you can check those out to get started.

Picsart: my first time owning an android phone this was the app I used a lot to edit photos for myself and for a friend. It is packed with features and can be used for different aspects of graphic design as well. Tutorials can also be found on YouTube.

Infinite Design: when I was on the hunt for a vector design app on android that didn’t suck too bad and could be used to create logos I struggled until I decided to try Infinite design. I avoided it at first because of the “not so impressive” rating on playstore and the fact that you had to pay to use most of the features. You do however get a 7 days trial period which you can use all the tools and features of the app for free.

Vector Ink: an alternative to infinite design with some useful tools for logo design and other types of vector graphics as well. It also requires payment to unlock more features.

PhotoRoom: this is my new favourite tool for removing image backgrounds on mobile. I already created a detailed post on the app so you can check that out.

Pexels: not an editing tool or anything like that but still comes in handy when working on your designs as a source of getting high quality images for free.

Google Lens: again not a traditional graphic design app but very useful for all graphic designers in my opinion. This app helps you obtain texts directly from images so you don’t have to type them. Try it out and thank me later.

Huion Sketch: it is more of an art and drawing app for when you need that in your workflow. There are lots of other cooler and better apps for this but this is the one I have currently installed on my phone and I love the simplicity and potential of the app. It recently got an animation feature as well.

Alight Motion: if you love to bring a bit more life to your designs by making them move then give this app a try. It works like After effects in making some basic motion designs on mobile.

Originally published at https://edaboyi.blogspot.com on October 19, 2021.



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