Every Great Story Starts With a Bad Idea ; Why Failure is Good For Your Success


You probably haven’t reached where you’d love to be because you’re still waiting to become really great at that particular skill before even getting started. You keep waiting and trying to master everything first, especially the theory, that you never even get the chance to see how far you could go or how much you have already learned. As Chris Martin sings “If you never try, you’d never know”. Unless you get started you won’t get the chance to evaluate and improve in areas that actually need improvement, you’d just be moving in a blindfold thinking and assuming that you just can’t do it or this isn’t meant for you. Just get started first, that’s the most important thing. This brings to mind one of the most pivotal books in my life, titled “It Only Takes a Minute to Change Your Life!” by Willie Jolley. The minute you take action, the minute you decide to make a move is the most crucial minute in your life; so don’t procrastinate any further, just get up and do what you’ve always planned to do, don’t let that fear of failure hold you back any longer.

It Only Gets Better

Are you ready to get started? If yes then let’s keep going. OK so I am writing this down right now because I too have been there, always waiting until everything is perfect before I get started, as a matter of fact me writing this is a challenge to just do it and stop procrastinating. I spent the best part of this week trying to set up so many things after evaluating my progress for the past couple of months and realising that I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be quite yet. I had to try new things out and that took me down the rabbit hole of learning and studying a lot of stuff, which can be satisfying and deceiving at the same time as it gives a false sense of achievement and progress when you’ve not actually started anything yet. That feeling can be so comfortable and you know what they say about the comfort zone, you have to leave it eventually if you really want to become successful. Now, with that said, it is absolutely important to study and to learn before getting started but don’t get too fixed on the learning part that it prevents you from ever getting started. Just know that the first version of anything you’re going to create won’t be great but you should still be proud of it and of yourself for making something. From what you have created you now have something to judge your level of skills and knowledge by and you can then have a more focused learning session to improve on specific areas and get better at it. I had a quote in my head whenever I worked as a beginner in graphic design; “My next work is my best work”. As simple as that quote is, it really helped me to stay motivated and to always give my absolute best on the project I was currently working on, a mindset I still have till date. This means that it is OK for your first work to be terrible because your next work will be better than that, and so on.

The Master Was Once a Mess

It is indeed very common to look at your favourite creators, your mentors and feel like they were always that good at their craft but that is not the case, they too once had bad and crazy ideas and went about doing things the wrong way until they finally figured it out. But if they never had those bad ideas and failed, they would never have reached the level they are on today. Failure is an ingredient for success, if used correctly you will prepare a unique and delicious delicacy. Ed Sheeran once said that he treated his songwriting like a bad tap, which would first pump all the dirty water out before the clean one. This paints a perfect picture of how you should treat your failures in the early stages, get it out of your system and then let the good stuff come to light after. Your story won’t start great, know this, but that’s OK it’s not expected to. No one’s success story ever really starts great, it usually starts with some bad ideas. I like to sort the videos of my favourite YouTubers by date to go back and watch their first ever attempt on that particular channel and usually it feels like two different people comparing their energy and content back then to what they have become now. They grow in confidence and have a much clearer vision of what they’re doing as time passes. I also like to watch their “Draw My Life” videos to get an even better understanding of their journey to success, and that always makes them seem more relatable because they all have very humble beginnings and struggled just like me. Also watching movies about great people opens my eyes to how ordinary they were before adding that little “extra’,’ through hard work and lots of mistakes.


Now that you know all these, get up and get started with that little idea of yours, don’t wait to become great, work to become greater. The sooner you fail, the sooner you will succeed so give it a go now and see how far it takes you. Make a move on your idea today and let me know in the comment how it turned out, I would love to hear from you. I wish you success in your journey.


Originally published at https://edaboyi.blogspot.com on May 6, 2022.



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