Blank; About Writer’s Block

Here we go again, staring at each other with nothing to say. I feel like I should speak first but why is it always me doing the talking. I’m starting to feel like I’m the talkative one in this relationship.

Usually I’d prefer to listen but when I come to sit with you I have no choice but to talk and let it all out. For years now we’ve been together and you’ve never said a word of your own.

Tonight I’m going to talk to you about you. Your silence is intimidating you know, because I know I have to say something and it has to be something meaningful and wise for the words I say we don’t always keep secret, we know we have to share them one day.

Though sometimes I speak not with words but lines and strokes and occasionally even with colours trying to beautify the message we communicate.

Sometimes I come to you not knowing what to say but feeling like I need to say something. Most times I stay away from you completely and keep words safely trapped inside my mind. Which brings us to why I am here tonight. I am here talking to you again because it is the right thing to do and I want to talk to you more often now.

This is what I was meant for, this is why I breathe, to talk first to you and then through you to the rest of the world. You are my everything now so I will always come to you as long as I can feel. I will always do the talking as long as I can speak, for I know that you will always listen.

You were always there for me and you will always be as long as I am courageous enough to come to you.

You are my friend and somehow I know that it is not you I am afraid of but rather those in the arena whom we have assigned the role of judiciary.

But not anymore, I will speak from my heart now, and be okay with whatever sentence I am given, for this is my gift, my curse, this is all I am now.

Sit with me old friend, and listen to me, just as you always have ever since I was a child, speaking gibberish and even now that I have become a man attempting to speak with wisdom.

Stay here now, old friend and let’s speak to the world together, o my dear blank page.



I just want you to know the little I have figured out so far.

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